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Tell your story / connection with FTD


u.1.yourstorysm.jpgHopefully you've already read Ed's story on the site, click here if you haven't.

Do you have a story to tell or would you like to comment on Ed's story, then click on the comments link in red to get going.

It's by sharing your own experiences with others that helps spread awareness and will also help many others currently dealing with FTD. 

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Got a question or need some help?



Do you have a question about this site or FTD in general?

Are you wanting to help others by sharing your experience and knowledge you have gained dealing with FTD?

If so, please click on the comments link in red to post your question, ask for help, or assist others with their questions.

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What age was your loved one diagnosed?

I am interested to know what age your loved one was diagnosed at? Eddie was possibly three years suffering before his diagnosis at 68 and I think he is at the end of the average age scale for this type of dementia. Would be interesting to hear your experiences.

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